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Indonesian culinary tourism in the UK

Becoming a co-branding partner of Wonderful Indonesia to promote Indonesian culinary tourism in the UK

In 2018, the Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry of Indonesia initiated an event called Wonderful Indonesia Gastronomy Forum. This event aimed to gather more than 100 inspirative Indonesian culinary entrepreneurs worldwide and ask them to promote Indonesian tourism to their respective customers in each country.

To formally commence the event, a two-day seminar was held in Aryaduta Hotel Jakarta from 22-23 November 2018. Waroeng Windsor’s founder, Aqaya Davenport, was selected as an ambassador from the UK. From this event, we became a co-branding partner of the tourism ministry to synergize the efforts to promote Indonesian culinary tourism in the UK.

We believe that culinary is effective social diplomacy to promote the richness of Indonesia to the global market. A study found that culinary is one of the key elements of tourism. From Indonesian foods such as Chicken Satay (sate ayam) or Fried Rice (nasi goreng), we can tell the story behind these foods and how each region in Indonesia has its own taste.

We used this event as an opportunity to ask for more support from the government of Indonesia in importing Indonesian spices and goods to the UK. Therefore, more Indonesian products are known in the global market.

The market situation in the UK has a great opportunity for Indonesian foods because the market has been influenced by Indian and Asian foods since a long time ago. We believe that to successfully market Indonesian foods and moreover the tourism sector, we need to increase our exposure in the global market. We hope that this event can also inspire new Indonesian culinary entrepreneurs.

In 2021, it is estimated there are 200 Indonesian culinary entrepreneurs across many cities in the UK. There is only a few that has opened a restaurant or café. This figure is relatively low compared to other countries in the Netherland and USA.

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